Global TV Furnace Cleaning Special!

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Our fantastic Global TV special is now on!

This package includes

– Furnace cleaning
– HVAC Duct cleaning of up to 10 registers
– Mention the Global TV ad and get a FREE dryer vent cleaning!
– Additional charge of $12.75 per register over 10.
– Additional handling, waste, AC charges may apply.

All for only $99

Call us at 844-9-ALL PRO today to get started.

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Exciting Changes Coming Soon!

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We’re going to be introducing more and more exciting feature to our sites, starting with Home Pros Edmonton. Booking a Carpet Cleaning or Duct Cleaning in Edmonton will soon be easier than ever. You’ll be able to pick the services you need and the time that best suits you, and book it online IMMEDIATELY with your paypal account! Pick how many rooms and hallways, staircases you need or pick out what you need cleaned in your HVAC system, and make a small deposit. Home Pros will land at your door at the time scheduled!

Stay tuned for the future of Carpet and Duct Cleaning!


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Furnace Filter – Have You Changed Yours

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Furnace Filter – Change Monthly



furnace filterWinters in Edmonton are long and cold, the season has already began and our furnaces have started up. You maybe smelled the foul order of dust burning on the furnaces heat exchanger, you also might have noticed an increase in the amount of dust on furniture in the home, some of your family members have started to sneeze more when in the house. All of these things can be related to your furnace filter being clogged with dirt.



How air circulates through your furnace filter



A dirty furnace filter is not only can cause many problems for home owners including the things mentioned above but also mechanical problems since the furnace has to work much harder to provide the same amount of heat throughout the home. Your furnace brings fresh air in from the outside and combines it with air in your return system which is collected throughout your house, this “cold” air passes through your filter system and is then heated and distributed throughout the house again. This cycle repeats itself over and over as you require more warm air during the winter months.

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Duct Cleaner – When to Call One In

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Duct Cleaner When & Why to Call



Duct CleanerCalling a professional duct cleaner requires that you know the reason’s why you would call one in the first place. Your furnace system is designed to carry both hot and cold air throughout the house providing you with comfort year round. The duct work is hidden between walls and floor joists, except for the registers you wouldn’t have any idea where the duct work is running.



Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean it. There is no exact timeline to follow when considering duct cleaning, but it goes with reason that if this system is carrying the air your breath throughout your home for you and your family to breath that you should clean these surfaces from time to time.


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Mold – Fighting Back at Home

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Mold is In Ours Homes Everyday


mold-problem-basementIt’s safe to say that mold is in our lives every day, especially airborne mold spores that are easily spread outside by wind or rain and indoors by our heating and ventilation systems. Indoor environments are at the disadvantage of not having a good air flow and UV from direct sunlight to combat the efforts of mold growth. Outside sunlight reacts with moisture in our air and releases ozone. If you want to combat mold indoors we have to create our own ozone in a safe environment.


Mold grows quickly in the presence of water indoors

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What’s That Smell – Time For Duct Cleaning

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Duct Cleaning to improve your indoor air quality


duct cleaningWhat’s that smell? It’s 5 degrees outside and your furnace has determined it’s time to go to work for the long Edmonton winter, “that smell” is dust that is burning on top of your furnace heat exchanger and will continue until it completely burns off or you have a duct cleaning service come in your home and clean.


Many people ask how often they should have their furnace and duct’s cleaned by a professional duct cleaning service and the answer is “that depends”. There are many things that add to the decline of indoor air quality and the furnace and duct system are the lungs of the home and spread the air whether it’s dirty or clean around your house. Listed below are a few of the air quality killers: Read the rest of this entry »

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Duct & dryer vent cleaning

The technicians called as per request prior to arrival (so we could take care of our dogs). They arrived on time, asked the best location to park the truck and gave a great first impression. Their professional approach to their task was maintained throughout. Once complete they then did a second check to be sure they had not left any mess and that all the vents were back in place. Payment was a breeze and the 5% off coupon was awesome. HomePros WILL be getting my business again! 

Carpet Cleaning

I had Home Pros come in to remove a juice stain that has been on my carpet for the last two months. Ken was great, he explained the process and proceeded to remove the stain and clean the rest of the carpet in the living room. The stain was fully removed thankfully because I would have lost my damage deposit otherwise

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