Edmonton Air Quality

Edmonton Air Quality

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Air Quality Edmonton

When it comes to maintaining your furnace so as to improve air quality, there’s nothing quite as effective as employing the professionals to take care of the hard work for you. Whether your furnace is traditional, or a little more modern in the form of an HVAC unit – you’ll agree that it can suffer with residue build up over time, and this can be detrimental to the health of your furnace. So how can you be sure to keep your furnace fully functional all year round? Well that’s where the professionals at Homepros Group Edmonton come in handy.

HomePros Group Edmonton is now proud to offer an on-site, air quality test. We take  measurements, and follow up with a few questions for the homeowner. Our software determines any problem areas, and generates a detailed report on what actions can be taken to improve your indoor air quality, and how to best maintain the level or air purity indoors.

Cleaning the neck of your chimney to improve air quality

This cleaning phase should be split into two halves, with the first addressing the lower region of the chimney breast (the part just above the fireplace), and the second from above, directly down and through the chimney’s neck. This process should only ever be undertaken by a professional, as it can be very dangerous. Accessing the roof is only half of the risk; the other relates to actually giving the chimney a good clean from above.

As the debris is cleared from the neck, much of it will fall down in the direction of the furnace. Fortunately, this debris will be quite loose and will be easily cleared with a vacuum cleaner and other similar suction devices. To avoid damaging any furniture, it’s also advisable to lay a piece of tarpaulin to better protect floors and surfaces. Gloves are advised, as is any protective gear – but if an expert is taking care of the task, they will usually take care of these necessities.

Air Quality in Modern Homes

Radon breathing hazard

Many modern homes will enjoy the functionality of a furnace and when it comes to those colder seasons of the year, they can be one of the most appreciated features within any house. Some are traditional and rely on coal or firewood, while others use electricity or gas to provide heat. No matter whether they are used frequently or every so often – the exposure to heat can leave even the newest fireplace and chimney looking a little worse for wear.

Fortunately, most models are built to be easily accessed, dismantled and then cleaned. Although many people choose to clean their own fireplaces, the fact is that exposure to the harmful dust and toxic fumes left over from the fire can be hazardous to a person’s health. Hiring an expert is the best way to go, but what can they do to help that a DIY won’t kit won’t quite be able to cater to?

Dust is also a commonly overlooked problem in many homes. Dust being circulated by the air system can cause respiratory problems, and is one of the primary irritants for those who already have respiratory issues. Dust in the home can sometimes be the diffrence between needing medical assistance on not.

Indoor Air Quality Dust Edmonton

Removing Debris

The best way to remove debris is by using a vacuum cleaner. Rather than moving the debris and ash from one place to another (as would be the case when using a cloth), you’ll be able to draw the remnants of the wood out. Be careful of larger chunks of wood however, as they can be difficult to suck up and it’s best to remove these pieces using gloves. If you’re using an HVAC unit, then you may want to wipe the heating coils over (once cooled completely).

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