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Cleaner air is only a phone call away! Harmful contaminants such as dust, dirt, bacteria and pet dander, collect in your home’s air ducts over time, lessening air quality and, encouraging illness and allergies. Home Pros is known for its carpet cleaning services, but we also provide professional heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) services including Edmonton duct cleaning that provides you with cleaner and healthier indoor air. Our NADCA trained and skilled technicians use only the best truck mount equipment available in the industry. Enjoy a cleaner and healthier home after Home Pros completes your residential air duct cleaning. Edmonton duct cleaning and furnace cleaning experts, Home Pros Group Edmonton will take care of you – voted #1 best professional cleaning service.


Home Pros Professional Edmonton Duct Cleaning Process


  • Step One: Protect the customer’s home. Home Pros knows that your home is usually the largest investment that you will ever make and you have hired us as an investment in your home. Home Pros will take all necessary precautions to protect your home by first laying out drop clothes from the entrance to the furnace room, we then put up corner guards that will prevent any damage to your walls and we will put plastic tape over all the registers on the floors and walls, this increases our suction and protects the vents from damage. Edmonton Duct Cleaning
  • Step Two: Clean your heating, ventilation, and cooling system. Our professional staff will hook up our powerful truck-mount vacuum system to your furnace system using a bypass method that isolates and protects the system from damage during the process. We then remove your vent covers and insert a power-driven whip system to clean each of your ducts. The whip loosens stuck dirt and other debris built-up that is then removed by blowing powerful compressed air through.
  • Step Three: Next, our technician’s will power-whip the main trunk line forcing all the contaminants back to the truck mount vacuum. This vacuum removes the dislodged contaminants and disposes of it in a hopper in the truck. The last step involves clearing your vent covers of dust and debris and putting them back in place. Once done, your homes air channels will look great and be as healthy as possible!
    The combination of whipping, compressed air, and vacuuming cleans your HVAC system better than any other method.
  • Step Four: Inspection Time. Our high-tech video inspection and cleaning system provide us and you the customer with the ability to effectively inspect your entire ventilation system for any problem in difficult to access HVAC components. Video inspection of all jobs quickly allows us to precisely determine contamination levels, sources of airflow problems and locate cracks or leaks. It also allows the customer to see the completed job before and after service. This method is to ensure that you and the technician know exactly what is inside your system.


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed


Home Pros prides itself on providing homeowners with the absolute best Edmonton duct cleaning services offered. We guarantee a professional method to every in-home assignment. Your service call is carefully premeditated and closely managed from start to finish to make sure you get the most from your investment. We guarantee you will be absolutely pleased with our services every time or your money back.

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Just How Clean is Your Fireplace?

Central heating systems might be a great way to stay warm during those colder summer months, but is there anything quite as effective as a roaring flame and a comfortable living room to really keep your body temperature where it should be?

Canadian winters are notoriously icy and this is one of the main reasons why so many homeowners opt to either make full use of their fireplaces; or have them installed to cater to the intense cold!

Now you might be wondering ‘are modern and traditional furnaces one and the same’?

The simple answer to this would have to be that as far as their aesthetics are concerned, then yes. But what about the way in which they work? This might come as a little bit of a surprise, but the truth is that electric furnaces and those that rely on fire often rely on very similar external components to ensure that they function as intended.

Gas Furnaces

These heating systems often rely on gas to provide them with energy – and it is this same gas that reacts with a naked flame to cause a fire. It is important to get Edmonton Duct Cleaning services more often or at least have your furnace serviced more often if you have a gas furnace.

Rather than allowing the gas to emanate within a room, it makes a lot more sense to have it emitted up and out via a chimney breast – and this is one of the first places that you should look at when cleaning your fireplace.

Gas, although lighter than air, does still possess a few oil atoms and over time, this oil can begin to settle on to the surface of chimney walls. Even if you’ve modified yours to cater to pipes, check the exit of this pipework and you’ll undoubtedly see a build-up of residue.

In either event, Edmonton duct cleaning should be on the top of your agenda and you can do so by hiring an expert, or by dismantling the fittings and fixtures (which can be quite challenging in and of itself.

Electric Fireplaces

Often seen within more modern properties, electric furnaces rely on one energy source (as their name might suggest) – and that’s electricity. Fortunately, these devices can be installed at the base of a filled chimney breast and require very little furnace cleaning. Even if you have an electric furnace you would still require Edmonton duct cleaning services every three to five years.

That’s not to say that the connections and fittings won’t need a spot of maintenance from time to time, in fact, the longer that you keep yours running, the more likely that they will suffer from heat damage and need replacing; so it’s always best to have the components checked by an expert.

Traditional Fireplaces

These heating systems are by far some of the most authentic available, with either coal or wood used for burning purposes.

The roaring flame might look fantastic and be more than capable of warming an entire home – but did you know how harmful the smoke can be?

We’re not just talking about the health effects of smoke inhalation here – we’re referring to the slick oil that is often left behind after allowing your fire to go out.

Most fireplaces will be constructed in a way that masks much of the internal chimney breast, but just because you can’t see the damage, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t taking place!

What Can Smoke Do to a Furnace?

The smoke emitted from a fire is very high in toxic gases and although most will evaporate and dissipate into the atmosphere; the more liquid-orientated will have to find somewhere to settle.

If your chimney is functioning as intended it will transport this smoke up and out toward the sky, where the atoms will break down and settle into the atmosphere.

So, what about the liquid composition of the smoke?

Well, this is where things can take a bit of a nasty toll.

As the CO2 settles onto the inner surface of your furnace (and right up through the chimney breast), it will never dry, resulting in a soft, sticky residue not unlike oil in appearance; but far more toxic.

Over time, this oil can drip down the walls and can result in a variety of concerns.

For a start, there’s the risk of the oil causing a blockage when allowed to settle on top of the damper. This small flap is responsible for opening when the furnace is activated and then sealing shut when it isn’t.

If a blockage occurs here, or if the oil seals parts of the damper – then the only place that the toxic fumes will be able to escape is into your home.

That’s not the only risk, in fact, the other can actually result in interior damage to your chimney breast – which, as we’re sure you will already know, can be incredibly expensive to repair.

The oil, being acidic in nature, can eat into brickwork, discolor walls and rust metal, making it very potent when allowed to sit for a while (especially during those summer months when furnaces are used less).

What Can Be Done?

Edmonton Duct Cleaning

Fortunately, chimney cleaning has been around for centuries – duct cleaning & cleaning furnaces is no different.

Rather than exposing yourself to the harmful fumes and toxic build-ups, it makes much more sense to hire a professional and have them come in and take care of the task for you.

These specialists typically have access to the most effective tools and accessories, all of which can make light work of dust, debris, oil and even stray chunks of burnt wood/ coal.

The greatest thing about their services is that they will be able to remove all traces of components that can lead to damage within your furnace; resulting in a clean, fresh device that can last for months.

The more frequently that you use your furnace, the more important it will be to ensure that it is maintained. Anything less than a frequent clean could be asking for trouble – either because of the damage to the fireplace itself or because of the risk posed by exposure to harmful gases and toxins.


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