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What is furnace cleaning


Furnace Cleaning Here in Alberta when we use the term furnace cleaning we generally mean cleaning of the entire heating system or HVAC system, this includes the furnace itself, all the ducting, diffusers, and in some cases air conditioning coils and heat recovery ventilators. In most parts of North America what we call furnace cleaning is actually referred to as air duct cleaning and the work we perform at home pros is mostly duct cleaning.


How is furnace cleaning performed

Before we even start the furnace cleaning or duct cleaning process, the technician starts by performing an inspection of your furnace system because every home is unique. Once our technician has completed their inspection they will go over the cleaning process with you and explain how the work will be performed before we start.


Preparing Protecting the house for Furnace Cleaning.


Once we finish our inspection we will start to prepare the home for the furnace cleaning process. This is first accomplished by laying down drop cloths from where the technicians will enter the house all the way down to your furnace room. Next we will put corner guards throughout the house where ever we are going to be taking are 1 inch airline. We do this to make sure no marks are left on your walls or floors by our hoses. We then go to every supply and return air vent in the house and cover it with a sticky blue tape that has two purposes, the first is so that dust is not accidentally blown into the house and the second reason is to increase the suction provided by our vacuum truck.


Viper system for furnace cleaning.


Viper Furnace Cleaning Many companies in Namao Will simply use high-pressure air and vacuum supplied by a truck or portable system for cleaning. Here at home pros are basic level cleaning uses a device called the Viper system. Unlike conventional air-wand cleaning, the viper system creates direct contact with the internal area of your entire duct system with rotating whips, this is necessary to dislodge heavy debris or large amounts of dust.


We use a dual zone cleaning approach, this simply means that we clean the supply air separately from the return air. Using this method allows us to have more suction on each zone at one time. It takes longer to perform furnace cleaning with this method but the results are worth it.



What to expect with a furnace cleaning by home pros


  • Pre-cleaning Checklist and Explanation. We check the furnace system to make sure it is in operational condition and explain the process of furnace cleaning before starting the task at hand.
  • Home and Cleaning Preparation. The first thing that our Will do is make sure that your home is protected by laying down drop cloths, corner guards, covering all registers before we start to clean. The protection of your home is always the first concern.
  • Dual Zone Cleaning. We use the viper cleaning system, it is a rotating whip that operates between 130 and 200 psi, it is used in every supply and return vents as well as the main ducting in the basement.
  • Job Completion. When we are finished with the cleaning process we use metal access panels to cover the 8 inch holes created for our vacuum truck, these panels are removable for future cleaning needs. The 1 inch holes that are used for our Viper system are plugged with a small plastic plug, also removable for future cleaning needs.
  • Final Step. Before our technicians leave your home your furnace system is tested and run through a complete cycle to make sure it is fully operational.



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