Fall Home Maintenance Checklist Edmonton

Fall home maintenance checklist edmontonFall is right around the corner, you can feel the cold mornings and shorter days: it’s time to get your house ready for the colder months ahead. The fall is a busy time of year for home owners as they prepare for the long winter months that we face in northern Canada but it’s also a great time to take advantage of the final warm days of the year to fix any damages before winter sets in. Here are a few home maintenance ideas that will prepare your home for the upcoming season.

Interior Maintenance Checklist – Fall Home Maintenance Checklist Edmonton

Did you know that heating and cooling your home contributes to 47% of the energy costs in your home? You can save approximately 20% on these costs by proper sealing and insulation. Air leaks found around windows and doors can be easily found using a lighter or lite candle and watching for the flame to flicker. Apply caulking or weather stripping to these areas will reduce drafts and energy bills.


Have your fireplace and woodstoves checked and cleaned. Make sure to examine your woodstoves door gasket for a tight seal and also inspect for cracks and clean the glass door. Have the chimney cleaned, a clogged chimney is a serious fire hazard.


This is also a great time to check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in the home, check the batteries and try the test buttons to make sure you and your family are protected. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas, but because it is colorless, tasteless and odorless it is very hard to detect, keep a detector close to where you sleep so that the noise of the detector will be sure to wake you up.


Time to change the direction of the ceiling fan so that you create a upward draft that will redistribute the warm air that has risen to the ceiling space.


A heating system that is in poor working order burns more fuel, have a qualified heating contractor check your system every year to make sure that it is in top working order. This will save you money by having a more efficient heating system and will help this appliance last much longer.


Check your basement windows for drafts and cracks, you can cover these with a window insulator kit for a inexpensive energy saving solution.


Clean and cover the outside air conditioning condenser unit. Lightly remove and debris from the coils and cover the unit with a provided cover or use a tarp to protect the a/c unit from damage while not in use.


The winter months in Edmonton can be very dry, having a clean and properly functioning humidifier not only makes the air in the home much more comfortable but the moisture also helps keep wooden floors and furniture from cracking and creaking during these very dry months. Make sure to clean your humidifier regularly to prevent bacteria from developing and spreading throughout your heating system and home.


Be sure to watch next week for part two of the Fall Home Maintenance Checklist that covers the homes exterior maintenance requirements.

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