Fall home maintenance checklist edmontonWelcome back to part two of the “Fall Home Maintenance Checklist”. In this section we deal with the exterior of your home including paint, foundation, siding, the roof and your driveway and many more things to consider when preparing for the winter months ahead.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist Edmonton – Part 2 Exterior

Let’s start with your driveway: Inspect the driveway for cracks. Clean and repair any damage with a specially designed driveway filler, once fixed be sure to coat with a driveway sealer. This will prevent moisture from entering and freezing causing the crack to be larger and more difficult to deal with in the future.

A great way to improve your energy efficiency, prevent leaks and avoid future costly bills is to inspect your exterior walls for any cracks. Caulk around the spaces where the foundation meets the siding of the home, where any pipes or wires are entering the house and around door frames and windows to prevent heat loss. This is one of the least expensive but most beneficial maintenance jobs the home owner can perform. Openings in structures allow water to seep in where it can freeze and cause cracks and allow molds to grow. The harsh winters of Edmonton can cause water and ice damage, a though check of the homes foundation combined with some inexpensive maintenance work can save large repair jobs in the future.

If your home is painted be sure to inspect exterior walls to see if the paint has started to peel or blister on the building. When paint begins to peel or blister it is a sign that the paint film can no longer protect the building. If this is left uncorrected the building will start to deteriorate and the wood could start to rot leading to very costly repairs in the future.

Your roof is the first line of defence when protecting the house from rain and snow. Have a certified inspector check your roof for any damages such as missing or loose shingles. The change in temperatures combined with snow, wind and rain are extremely damaging to roofs and when your roof is not preforming properly major water damage can occur, which leaves all areas of your home such as plumbing, HVAC and electrical susceptible to damage.

The change of temperature sometimes causes our garage doors to not fully close tight, this can be prevented by installing weather stripping. You want to be sure that the seal between the garage door and the ground is tight so that drafts are prevented and it keeps small animals and rodents out.

Don’t forget your gutters, wait or the leaves to finish falling then clean your gutters and the downspout to prevent any clogs. Inspect all the joints for leaks and make sure that they are securely fastened to the structure. Preforming this simple task will help prevent ice dams which are usually caused by clogged gutters. Replace damaged gutters and consider buying new ones that have built in leaf guards.

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Be sure to watch next week for part three of the “Fall Home Maintenance Checklist” that covers the homes yard, garden, porches and decks maintenance requirements.