Fall home maintenance checklist edmontonWelcome back to part three of the “Fall Home Maintenance Checklist”. In this section we deal with the yard, garden, porches and decks of your when preparing for the winter months ahead.

A clean, organized garage is a great start for your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

First things first, clean out that garage. Once you have your garage cleaned and organized put the summer garden tools away. Prepare all your yard equipment for winter storage. Make sure that you drain all the fuel from gas operated equipment such as the lawn mower and chain saw.

Clean the yard so that it is free of all fallen leaves, if you have areas where the grass is patchy be sure to re-seed and now is a great time to plant any spring flowering bulbs. Cover all plants with netting and chicken wire to prevent deer from damaging them. This is also a good time to fertilize your lawn with a high phosphorous mix to ensure that you have the healthiest, greenest grass on the block when spring arrives.

I hate to say it but make sure that all your snow removal equipment is ready before we get that first big snow storm this season. Have any service performed on equipment such as snow blowers and make sure that the shovels, roof rakes and ice melters are accessible and ready when you are.

Drain the garden hose and take it into the house. Shut off any outside water valves, any water left in pipes that are exposed to extreme cold can freeze, expand and break the pipes which can cause major water damage.

If you are a bird lover be sure to inspect and fill the bird feeder. Remember once you start feeding birds that you should continue throughout the entire season, they will rely on you to help them survive the long cold winter.

Clean porch and deck furniture, make any repairs needed and store or cover them for the winter.

Check all the decks and stairs for loose handrails or floor boards so the support is there if needed when someone slips.

Be sure to empty your planters from any soil. The dirt left in the planters will freeze, expand and crack the pots if left outside.

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This concludes our series for “Fall Home Maintenance Checklist”, be sure to check back for more upcoming tips on preparing your home for the different seasons.