Professional Chimney Cleaning – Job for a professional or do it yourself?



Chimney SweepChimney cleaning is the job for a professional, maybe you have seen the movies “Mary Poppins” or “The Chimney Sweep and the Miller” and thought of romantic or the comedic side of chimney sweeping but this is a very series business that prevents house fires.


You can take care of the firebox quite easily using a wire brush and a shop vac but the job gets much more difficult when you have to start cleaning the chimney its self. You can purchase do it yourself brush kits from local Edmonton hardware stores that would have you climbing onto your roof and brushing the dust and creosote from the chimney walls but beware this is a very messy job and you must be prepared before starting. Make sure that you tarp off your fireplace so that all the dust created doesn’t venture into your home.


Calling in a professional chimney sweep can save you a lot of hassles and potentially a large mess to clean up. Modern methods of cleaning chimneys include using the power of an air duct vacuum truck which is essentially a large shop vac that removes all the dust and creosote by way of a large vacuum hose that goes out to the truck parked in the driveway. This same truck provides high pressure air that powers a whip system that scours and cleans the interior walls of the chimney much more effectively than older brush methods.


Make sure that you inspect the chimney after it has been cleaned for any cracks or damage that would allow flue gases to enter the home and if your chimney has a cap make sure that it is not blocked by anything such as birds nesting in it. Whether you decide to tackle this job on your own or hire a professional chimney sweep you should consider having this service performed every year.