Professional Carpet Cleaning as part of your carpet care maintenance program.


carpet careHi and welcome back to Home Pros series on effective carpet care maintenance program, during part one we discussed the importance on vacuuming on a regular basis, using baking soda to help remove any smells that might be lingering in your carpets and we discussed how crucial it is to remove carpet stains as soon as possible.
Spot cleaning is an art for professional carpet cleaners but with a little help from our stain pro app you can remove most stains that are new with some everyday household products if you act fast enough.


Deep Steam Cleaning for Carpet Care Maintenance Program

During part two of the carpet care maintenance program we will talk about carpet cleaning by a professional and how this will add years of beauty and use of your carpets.
Carpet manufactures and flooring experts recommend that the carpets are cleaned at least once or twice per year. The number varies depending on your lifestyle and the wear and tear that you are placing on your carpets but it is recommended that your carpets are cleaned on a regular basis.
Don’t get this confused with the regular daily or weekly cleaning that we talked about in part one, we are talking about having a professional carpet cleaning company perform a deep steam cleaning that is going to remove the dirt and grim that is lodged deep into the carpet fibers.


Choosing the right Carpet Cleaning Company

There are lots of companies that offer professional carpet cleaning but don’t choose a company based on price alone. Check their track record on sites such as Home Stars for reviews that other customers have left. You might also want to consider what other services that the company offers such as upholstery cleaning. Make sure that they are certified carpet cleaners, IICRC trained technicians are more capable of providing you with the professional service that you are looking for when protecting your investment.


Carpet Cleaning Deep Extraction

A good carpet cleaning company is going to perform deep extraction and this requires the use of specialized equipment such as a truck mounted vacuum and high pressure steam to remove deep set in dirt, pet dander, pollen and other allergens using green solutions that are safe for your family and pets.


Deodorize During Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets can look clean but still have harmful bacteria lurking throughout the fibers and giving off unpleasant odors. When having your carpets cleaned ask to have a deodorizer applied that has the ability to eliminate odors and the bacteria behind the problems.


Grooming After Carpet Cleaning

When new your carpets look so fresh and inviting but after a while with people and pets walking over the carpets it bends the fibers overs and keeps them from reflecting light making your carpets look old and worn. A good carpet cleaning company will groom the carpets with a carpet rake after deep carpet cleaning. You won’t believe how great your carpets will look after being cleaned and groomed.


Maintenance After Carpet Cleaning

To keep your carpets looking fresh after professional carpet cleaning be sure to refer back to part one of this series on “Effective Carpet Care Maintenance Program” for tips that will provide you many years of comfortable, beautiful carpets.
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