Fall is a great time for a Chimney Inspection


chimney inspectionA chimney inspection should be part of your fall home maintenance checklist, this is something that should be performed at least once per year just before the heating season. Not only can a thorough chimney inspection help prevent chimney fires but it can also discover birds nests or cracks in the chimney or other damage before it becomes a major problem.


Have a professional look at both the exterior of your chimney and the interior, the inspection will diagnose any problems or obstructions and recommend any repairs or cleaning before the heating season. If a chimney sweep is recommended it will be cleaned of any soot or creosote build-up that will help prevent chimney fires.


Levels of Chimney Inspection


There are multiple levels of chimney inspections required depending on your situation. The first is level one and this is a general overview of the chimney structure, this includes all joints, the interior walls, the flue and the crown. During this chimney inspection the inspector will also make sure there is no dangerous build-up of creosote. Level two inspections are usually performed by insurance companies when a property is being sold to someone or if the chimney has been damaged in some way. Level three is a full chimney inspection where the chimney may be dismantled to look for damage that might not otherwise be seen.


Chimney inspection after purchasing a new home

Most insurance companies will require a WETT chimney inspection performed before insuring your new home to make sure that the appliance is safe to operate.


Yearly Chimney Inspection


Make sure to hire a reputable company when looking for a chimney inspection, perform regular yearly inspections to keep your chimney clean, safe and work at peak efficiency. A clean and safe chimney will provide you with beauty and warmth all winter long.

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