Duct Cleaning to improve your indoor air quality


duct cleaningWhat’s that smell? It’s 5 degrees outside and your furnace has determined it’s time to go to work for the long Edmonton winter, “that smell” is dust that is burning on top of your furnace heat exchanger and will continue until it completely burns off or you have a duct cleaning service come in your home and clean.


Many people ask how often they should have their furnace and duct’s cleaned by a professional duct cleaning service and the answer is “that depends”. There are many things that add to the decline of indoor air quality and the furnace and duct system are the lungs of the home and spread the air whether it’s dirty or clean around your house. Listed below are a few of the air quality killers:


Air Quality Killers

• Smoking – Smoking indoors causes foul odors but second hand smoke has been found to cause cancer, respiratory problems and effect people with asthma.
• Renovations – Renovations are great, everyone loves having their homes looking their best but renovations cause large amounts of dust that gets into the air and is circulated throughout the home in the duct system.
• Pets – Fido is a great companion but he or she can cause poor air quality by losing their hair and dander. Pet’s also stir up dust by running around the homes carpets and jumping on furniture.
• VOC’s – Controlling VOC’s is a very tough thing, they are found in everyday household products including cleaning products, waxes, paints and much more.
• Mold – Mold is constantly around us whether we are outside or inside, for mold to grow in your home it requires two things dark and damp. Mold contributes to asthma attacks and is a irritant to the eyes, nose and skin.
• Any fuel burning appliance – Combustion appliances contribute to poor indoor air quality with their by-products and if not vented carefully can even cause death with carbon monoxide poising. Make sure that these appliances are properly maintained and operated at all times.
• Cooking – A nice home cooked meal is wonderful but flings odors and grease particles into the air which is then distributed throughout the home by your air duct system.


Professional Duct Cleaning to the Rescue


A professional duct cleaning service will not only remove dust and allergens from the duct work but will provide options that will help reduce the amount of pollutants that are allowed to freely move throughout your home.


Other Services by Professional Duct Cleaning Companies

Products such as disinfectants and sanitizers that will kill any molds, germs and bacteria can be applied during the duct cleaning process. Better filtration options can be discussed, standard filters only trap about 3% of the household pollutants that pass by. There are many filters that are available on the market today that different levels of service and cost a professional duct cleaning company will discuss the options with you. Humidifiers are a very important part of indoor air quality, older humidifiers that have standing water are breeding grounds for mold and bacteria but new flow thru humidifiers not only humidify the home better but in a much healthier fashion.


A professional duct cleaning service will not only provide you with a cleaner home but should also work with you to provide a healthier home. In Edmonton home Pros Group can be contacted at 780-455-1188.

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