Duct Cleaner When & Why to Call



Duct CleanerCalling a professional duct cleaner requires that you know the reason’s why you would call one in the first place. Your furnace system is designed to carry both hot and cold air throughout the house providing you with comfort year round. The duct work is hidden between walls and floor joists, except for the registers you wouldn’t have any idea where the duct work is running.



Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean it. There is no exact timeline to follow when considering duct cleaning, but it goes with reason that if this system is carrying the air your breath throughout your home for you and your family to breath that you should clean these surfaces from time to time.


So when do you call a profession duct cleaner? Well not every day or every week, maybe not even every year, it really depends on how clean you keep your house and how good of a filtration system that you have invested in. Standard filters do not trap much dust and therefore allow more dust to travel through the duct system. Ask your duct cleaner what type of filter system will fit in the furnace system that you have or other ideas to create a better indoor air environment.


Edmonton is a dusty city with all the new construction and dry climate, this adds to the frequency of having a duct cleaner perform their service. Pet’s also contribute to poor indoor air quality with dander and bringing in dirt from the outdoors. Outdoor dirt gets trapped in carpets but when the pets run over the carpet it is released into the air.



After renovations it is a good idea to have the furnace and duct work cleaned due to the large amounts of dust produced from sawing wood, mudding and sanding drywall. The construction team will often use the furnace fan to help dry mudding efforts during the sanding phase, this cakes the inside of the furnace with drywall dust that will effect the performance of your heating system.



Also if you have allergies or asthma you may require to have a duct cleaner over a little more often, I hope this helps you determine your requirements. In Edmonton call Home Pros Group for professional duct cleaning services and expert advice on your filtration system.  780-455-1188

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