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No Heat – How to re-light your furnace pilot light

No Heat - The good news is, it's usually a pilot light problem on old furnaces and you can fix that.

    Did you wake up this morning and your house was extremely cold? You go to turn up the heat at the thermostat but the furnace isn't responding. No heat calls to furnace service companies are all too common in Edmonton, one of the most common reasons is a pilot light that is not working. If you have a natural gas burning furnace the burner would be ignited by either a standing pilot flame which is most often found in older furnaces or an electronic ignition which is found in modern furnaces. If you have an older furnace and it's a standing pilot you'll see that the flame is lit all the time, if you have a newer furnace then you probably have electronic ignition and that flame is only lit when your furnace is calling for heat. (more…)

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