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We’re going to be introducing more and more exciting feature to our sites, starting with Home Pros Edmonton. Booking a Carpet Cleaning or Duct Cleaning in Edmonton will soon be easier than ever. You’ll be able to pick the services you need and the time that best suits you, and book it online IMMEDIATELY with your paypal account! Pick how many rooms and hallways, staircases you need or pick out what you need cleaned in your HVAC system, and make a small deposit. Home Pros will land at your door¬†at the time scheduled!

Stay tuned for the future of Carpet and Duct Cleaning!


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Effective Carpet Care Maintenance Program Part 2 – Carpet Cleaning

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 Professional Carpet Cleaning as part of your carpet care maintenance program.


carpet careHi and welcome back to Home Pros series on effective carpet care maintenance program, during part one we discussed the importance on vacuuming on a regular basis, using baking soda to help remove any smells that might be lingering in your carpets and we discussed how crucial it is to remove carpet stains as soon as possible.
Spot cleaning is an art for professional carpet cleaners but with a little help from our stain pro app you can remove most stains that are new with some everyday household products if you act fast enough. Read the rest of this entry »

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The technicians called as per request prior to arrival (so we could take care of our dogs). They arrived on time, asked the best location to park the truck and gave a great first impression. Their professional approach to their task was maintained throughout. Once complete they then did a second check to be sure they had not left any mess and that all the vents were back in place. Payment was a breeze and the 5% off coupon was awesome. HomePros WILL be getting my business again! 

Carpet Cleaning

I had Home Pros come in to remove a juice stain that has been on my carpet for the last two months. Ken was great, he explained the process and proceeded to remove the stain and clean the rest of the carpet in the living room. The stain was fully removed thankfully because I would have lost my damage deposit otherwise

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