Commercial dryer vent cleaning

commercial dryer vent cleaningDryer vent cleaning is not only for single home residential applications. commercial dryer vent cleaning can include anything from your local hair salon, laundromats, hotels, or even multi-unit residential buildings.

It is very important to regularly clean commercial dryer vents, not only for improved performance but also fire safety. A plug dryer vent can cause a dryer fire by restricting the airflow of the dryer. this causes a massive buildup of heat which can ignite lint produced by drying your clothes.

commercial dryer vent cleaningOver time the inside of the dryer vent line will build up with lint and debris, as this collection builds the dryer will need to work harder to drive your clothes, the dryer may also overheat and throw a spark that can ignite the lint in the dryer line. this is actually one of the largest causes of fires in North America.

Commercial settings even more than residential settings must be aware of the potential hazards of a plug dryer vent. In multi-residential units, it only takes one plug dryer vent to burn an entire building to the ground. With a large amount of laundry that is dried in these buildings compared to a residential home, great care and attention must be taken to prevent this situation.


Thankfully there are many signs that will let a building operator know the dryer vent cleaning should be performed. the first is typically going to be complaints from residents saying that it is taking a long time to dry their clothes. sometimes the building operator will receive a call telling them that the dryer seems to be hotter to the touch than it used to be or that the clothes are still damp at the end of the drying cycle.

There are also obvious signs such as looking at the dryer vent line termination point and seeing a buildup of lint around the edge or even bird or rodent nests. and in some extreme cases, there can even be a burning smell in the laundry room. If you are frequently receiving these types of complaints it is definitely time to call a commercial dryer vent cleaning company.

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