Furnace Filter – Change Monthly



furnace filterWinters in Edmonton are long and cold, the season has already began and our furnaces have started up. You maybe smelled the foul order of dust burning on the furnaces heat exchanger, you also might have noticed an increase in the amount of dust on furniture in the home, some of your family members have started to sneeze more when in the house. All of these things can be related to your furnace filter being clogged with dirt.



How air circulates through your furnace filter



A dirty furnace filter is not only can cause many problems for home owners including the things mentioned above but also mechanical problems since the furnace has to work much harder to provide the same amount of heat throughout the home. Your furnace brings fresh air in from the outside and combines it with air in your return system which is collected throughout your house, this “cold” air passes through your filter system and is then heated and distributed throughout the house again. This cycle repeats itself over and over as you require more warm air during the winter months.


Which furnace filter to buy



There are many furnace filter options on the market and it can be very difficult when choosing which one is the right choice for your needs. A standard furnace filter is very inefficient and only traps about 3% of the dust and microbes that pass by it, some disposable filters which are pleated and have a tighter weave can trap much higher percentage of dust and microbes but be sure to change them more often. Most furnace filters need to be changed every month to maintain maximum airflow, if you allow them to get to dirty and airflow is limited the furnace can suffer and have mechanical problems. There are other filter systems on the market that are much more efficient but must be installed by professional furnace service companies.


Maybe you want to check here to learn about Merv filter ratings before deciding on what type of filter to purchase.


How to install your furnace filter



When you install your furnace filter make sure that you replace it in the proper direction. Most furnace filters will have a arrow printed on its side, this arrow indicates which way the air is to flow through it. Make sure that the filter arrow is facing the furnace.



Changing your furnace filter is the most basic and most important part of furnace maintenance, keeping the filter clean will not only protect the furnace but with a upgraded furnace filter it will help reduce the amount of dust in your home and bring relief to allergy suffers. If your home is especially dusty and you haven’t had your furnace cleaned in the last few years it might be a good idea to have Home Pros perform furnace cleaning on your furnace system.



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