How to remove carpet stains using Stain-Pro


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Oops! It’s bound to happen at some point if you have carpet in your home, someone is going to spill juice, coffee, wine or finger paint from your 4-year-olds artwork project. It never fails, whatever is not to get on the carpet does. Accidents happen and the professionals at Home Pros Group want to help, the best time to clean a stain from the carpet is a soon as it happens and getting the professional carpet cleaners over at that very moment isn’t always possible or maybe you just had your carpets cleaned and don’t want to spend the money to have them professionally cleaned again.



That’s why we created the “Stain-Pro” application, this simple to use guide gives you tips using everyday household products to remove most stains without the help of a professional. The key is to act quickly before the stain has time to set in.



A few basic rules of carpet stain removal:

  1. Act Fast – don’t allow the stain to set in, if you do they might require the attention of a professional or may develop into a permanent stain.
  2. Test Area – make sure that you test a small area of carpet that is in a area you can’t see easily to make sure there is no damage to your carpet.
  3. Don’t over wet the area – Using to much moisture without the proper equipment to extract that water can lead to mold and mildew forming.
  4. Check your warranty – carpets that have stain resistance coatings must be cleaned with products that are designed for them and by professionals or you risk voiding your warranty.


Download and print our handy guide that easily explains the stain removal process then follow the steps below.


To remove a stain you want to blot the area and dry working from the outside in. once the stain is gone make sure to rinse thoroughly with fresh water, then blot the area dry again. Be sure to avoid the temptation of scrubbing the carpet, you will risk damaging the fibres of the carpet or pushing the spill down into the carpet padding.


Ongoing carpet care maintenance


Even if you are lucky and don’t have any Oops, you should still have a professional carpet cleaner thoroughly clean the carpets every 12 to 18 months. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum – we can’t stress enough how important this is for the overall care of your carpets, please refer to our blog page “Effective carpet care maintenance program” for more tips.


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